Monday, November 8, 2010

Question of the Day

If you read the title you know what this is about. From now on I'm going to post a random question every day, and you either can answer it in your comments, or look at it and ponder, or ignore it completely. Whichever you prefer; it's a free country. These questions can range from random to silly to just being philosophical musings, or even a homework question that I'm stuck on and hope you guys answer, but I won't tell you which ones are the philosophical questions and which ones are simply my homework (that's what brains are for, people). So now I leave you with today's Question of the Day:

Is there a synonym for the word 'synonym'?



  1. –noun; a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language [sin-uh-nim]
    Duh, it's called
    lmao :D

  2. I think I asked for a synonym of the word "Synonym" not the actual definition. I'm not dumb, you know.

  3. Wait, what?
    ... wanted a SYNONYM. Ohh...
    Crap. that's not fair. i get another chance...

  4. synonoma (you might not find it in a random dictionary, but it is considered a word by most).

  5. Thank you, Sakib. You provided a real answer unlike Eeshie over here who gave me a definition instead. Way to go, Eeshie. Ten points for dumbness. Sakib, ten points for smartness and actually reading the question carefully.


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