Thursday, November 25, 2010

Name that animal

Okay, guys. The answer to last week's question was a Resplendent Quetzal, or just a Quetzal bird in general. One of my followers, Sakib, got it, so congrats, Sakib!!!! I'm currently waiting for him to respond back to my comment to see what he would like his dedicated post to be about on my blog.  

So, let's play again. This week's animal is . . . . (see below) 
Be the first to guess it right, and you win your own personal post on my blog!! Check the rules  again from last week if you forgot them. Well, good luck everybody! 

Oh, and if none of you respond by Sunday, I'll think a) you're being lazy and stupid and you don't go on my blog or b) you have absolutely no idea what the heck this animal is. 

I'll think the latter and give you a hint. But for now, I'm just gonna let you wonderful people guess. Hey, you never know. 


  1. All right. Listen- I'm not that good at naming random animals, but these two have been surprisingly easy!!!!! Anyway, for that reason and the fact that I don't know what "my blog" should be about, I'm not sure if I should post the answer. I'll wait one more day 'till I answer.

    Do I win? Where's my prize? Am I wrong? I bet I am. I'm ashamed in myself. I'm going to go hide in a box. Don't waste your time looking for me. I have a really good box hiding place.

  3. All right............ it's an Eastern barred-Bandicoot.

  4. Darn you, Sakib. How do you know these animals? I thought I keep finding good, hard, exotic types of animals for you guys, and you still manage to get it. What are you doing?

    Oh, and you won. What do you want your second dedicated blog to be about? Since you didn't reply for the first dedicated blog, I'm just gonnna write something and you're gonna like it, capiche?

  5. Capiche all around. Anyway, my dedicated blog post.............. hmmmmmmmmmmm..... how about a RIDDLE. I absolutely LOVE riddles and I think they are truly MARVELOUS! (Sorry I've been pretending to talk/type like many random characters from Catcher in the Rye today for no apparent reason."

  6. You got it. A riddle it is, then. In your honor, Most High-and-Mighty winner of "Name that animal" game.


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