Monday, April 18, 2011

Why is the sky blue? Why is the green grass? And why on earth am I asking all these questions?

I dunno. Maybe it's because I'm bored as hell right now, at 10pm on a Monday - oh and by the way, we do NOT have spring break right now because three days got cut off due to so many snow days this year. 


That's what they WANT you to believe. In truth, it's because school officials do not know how to read weather forecasts correctly, so on all the days when it should've been two-hour delays they made it a full day off due to "inclement conditions." Heck, WHAT conditions, may I ask? Hmm? Two hours after the phone call came at 5 in the morning that school was closed the snow stopped falling, and the roads were completely clear by nine, which would've been the time we would've gone to school, had there been a delay. So that, my friends, is the tragic story of how our spring break became a mere four-day weekend. Now whoever calls this measly little "vacation" a SPRING BREAK is out of my friend list for this entire week. EVERY OTHER SCHOOL IS OUT ENJOYING THEIR TIME OFF, MAN!!!  Grrr. Life's not fair.

And it's not like we did anything even remotely significant today in class. Except for APUSH (AP US HIstory), which we had the LAST TEST OF THE YEAR in before the AP. Oh the joys of that class. But that's another story (or rather stories) that I will save for later. Anywho, so I'm pretty mad right now because between these three days, twenty-one hours of my life entirely wasted. doing absolutely nothing except for going from class to class like a zombie, watching a movie in one class, and then just chillin' in the other classes doing who-knows-don't-care-whatever stuff. 

Story of my life.   


  1. Yup...Spring Break was so school for eleven days...ahh....

    Hee hee.


    -Your favorite cousin

  2. I hate you, Anonymous.


    Whoever you are.


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