Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Question

Hola mi amigos, tengo una pregunta:  

¿Prefieres usar la computadora o la pluma y papel tradicional para escribir una cuenta o un poema? ¿Y por qué?

Traslation: Do you prefer using the computer or the traditional pen and paper to write a story or poem? And why? 

Just practicing my Spanish here for the AP Exam next year, and so I can get more fluent in it. I wrote that sentence all by myself - and I'm darn well proud of it, too! :D 

Anyway, please answer the question honestly, because I really need to know whether or not one method of writing (specifically a story, novel, etc) really helps some people write better than another form. For example, I think better when I'm typing as opposed to writing on pen and paper, but with pen and paper I'm compelled to write more in a shorter amount of time because I'm actually writing, and not editing out parts I don't like, which I tend to do often on the computer (as my lovely cousin Eeshie would know, having read many of my previous stories - which have now all been either deleted, revised, or changed in some shape or form because I stopped liking them).

So yeah. Point of the story: answer honestly. And briefly. Not like me. DEFINITELY not like me, because if you're like me, you don't like fleshy passages, though ironically, that's what I find myself doing all the the time. Also known as rambling. 

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