Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My self-portrait

Think a self-portrait only applies to art? Well, think again! Last year in my Writer's Workshop class we had to write our self-portraits, which basically is an image of us written in words. Yes, my fellow writers and bloggers and readers out there, self-portraits can be considered anything that you write about yourself (as in, any sort of description of yourself). Well, that was the happy discovery I made last year, because I always thought that self-portraits had to be drawings - which would have been absolutely traumatizing for me considering I can't draw to save my life. 

Anyway, since this is my blog, I thought that I should include a description of myself just outlining who I am and what I like/dislike/my dreams and plans for the future or present. Happy reading! 

I'm 5'2", which is why I prefer boots or heels to sandals or flats at times, unless I'm wearing long jeans and a really cute T-shirt in the fall, spring or summer, in which case flats or sandals are an absolute must. 
I'm a generally cheery person (my friends describe me as being "bubbly." Ha ha)  except during the occasional mood swings, which I guess for a teenage girl is pretty normal. I have a round face, brown eyes and curly hair of a very dark brown in color with natural copper highlights seen only in sunlight. 

I love l learning about the other cultures and would absolutely love to travel the world - I happy to say that I know the feeling in fact since I have lived in Bangladesh (I was born there, too), spent almost five years in Japan, and then came to live in the United States. In between those times I've visited many countries including Malaysia, Kuwait, Australia (yes, it's considered a country and a continent), Saudi Arabia, and Canada. And I would love to go  backpacking in Europe, since I've only ever been there for a nonconsecutive day during a plane stoppage (a few hours in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and another few hours in London). 
So I’m definitely outdoorsy kinda girl. I love to ride horses and will ride them any chance I get, and I love animals in general. I love the water, and obviously swimming in the  summer months (and even the winter in an indoor pool if I could) and if I could I would take a bike and go for a ride every day (even in winter) on trails and ride endlessly. But of course, I can’t do that, so I pour all those " I wants and “I needs” into my writing. I’m very passionate about writing, and naturally, I also love to read. So my idea of a perfect day would be a warm spring day with a cool breeze, sitting in a high branch of a tree with a book in my lap and then falling asleep, right there on the spot. Oh, and I also think high places are exhilarating. So are roller coasters. 
Anyway, I thank God for my natural intelligence and I'm happy to say that I do well in school. 
As for my social life, well . . . academics definitely comes first. But I'm not a total loser or anything like that, either (no way! I'm TOTALLY the life of the party!). Ha ha. Anyway, I have friends who I group into two different categories: the people I hang out only school and talk to only at school, and the people who I actually talk to on the phone and hang out with even outside of school. They're my real close friends and I love them :D I think I'd go stir-crazy if I didn't have them to rant to (umm, sort of like i'm doing now, maybe??? I like to ramble on a lot, if you're too shallow-headed and haven't noticed by now). 
I don’t know yet my heart’s calling; I love to sing but would never in a lifetime consider being a singer (because that would require singing on a stage in front of an audience. But, hmm) … I’m very passionate about my writing and I’m also interested in foreign affairs (journalism?). I guess it should be of some inspiration that both my parents are MD PhD's (doctors with doctoral degrees. Go figure) but the sad truth is that I hate math and I (sort of, kind of, definitely) hate bio and I stink at it. So that’s not happening for me in the near future.
But I wonder what will. I’m still searching.    

But this year I'm taking Honors Chemistry, and surprisingly, this is the first time that I've actually been interested in a high school science class. I mean, I took Earth Science in 9th grade and that was fun (mostly due to the teacher, not the subject material) but it certainly wasn't interesting. There IS a difference. Anyway, I'll see what this Chemistry stuff all comes down to when I take the SAT II Subject Test in Chem and the Regents and see how I do. I heard people usually do better on the Bio than on the Chem, but that's no reason for me not to well now, is it? Gotta remain optimistic, right? Because it's the only thing I have going for me (besides my natural potential/capacity, although it's kind of shadowed at times by my laziness/tendency to procrastinate a lot) 

Anyhow, I hope I didn't put you guys to sleep with all of this text, but I'm still exploring my options, although, being brown (and this is for all the brown people out there, as in, South/Southeast Asians) I'm probably most likely to end up in a science field. But, I'm keeping everything open, because, who knows, I might end up being a world-famous traveling and well-read journalist. Or a medical journalist, just so I could still have science in my life, coupled with writing. What a combo! :D 

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