Monday, January 31, 2011

My not-so-average little brother

Just a little something dedicated to my little brother - who actually makes my days a LOT more interesting. Love ya, lots, lil bro! <3 

Little Brother

8 and adorable

He's taller than the average eight-year-old

His weight coordinates with his height - somewhat 

Anything with wheels and a motor/engine
Playing Wii
Playing with other family members 
Sleeping with Mommy
Telling jokes (I didn't say they were good) 
The songs, "Break your Heart" and "Dynamite" 
Drawing pictures 
Reading (anything, including the backs of cereal boxes) 
Doing Math (ewwwwwwww) 
Shoveling snow with Dad 
Going out 
Watching TV
Cooking with Mommy

Bugs (or anything that has more than four legs and crawl or fly) 
Being bad at something
Cleaning up after himself (he does it eventually . . . he's just lazy) 
Being yelled at (Wow. Really?) 
Being asked to be a model by some lady at the mall* 

All in all, he's just one lovable little round thing. Yes, I think I just made him sound like a newborn pup, but whatev. He's cute. 

*One day he was at the mall with my mom getting a haircut and when he came out of the salon and they were exiting, some lady - or rather, a girl in her mid-twenties - approached my mom and told her that her son is 'so handsome' and would he like to be a model? My mom said no, of course. And then later on I teased my brother and asked him if he wanted to be a model and he was like, "No!" with a pout-face. So yeah. That's the story. I still tease him. Ha. Ha. 


  1. Whoa. Whoa. Little Brother is chubby.

    Ha and I loved this: "Sleeping with mommy." That's so cute!


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