Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Question

Okay, so obviously, I don't do the "Question of the Week" thing anymore because I don't have the time anymore, unfortunately (see my earlier post on TOP 10 Reasons why Junior Year is a Killer) so I'll just post a random question whenever I think of one or feel like it, all right? 

Here's mine now: 

Can it still be considered deja vu if you've had an experience once and then you've had it again a second time in almost  exactly the same way? 

Note: This is a revision of my earlier question because I thought the definition of deja vu was  when you had an experience, and then had it again a second time and it felt weird, but ACTUALLY (get this!!) the true definition of deja vu is when you have an experience and think you've had it before, but actually you haven't.   

So yeah, back to my earlier question. Has anyone ever experienced something like that before? 

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