Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why Junior Year is a Killer

1. Too much work. 
2. Too much work. 
3. Too much work. 
4. I GOTTA PASS MY SAT's - and by 'pass' I mean get at least a 2100. 
5. College-prep (I have to decide where I want to go for the next four years of my life - also depending where I get accepted . . . yet another source of stress. Oh boy) 
6. I'm MAD . . . in other words, I have Multiple Aptitude Disorder, which is when you think you're good at one thing, but next, you find out you're actually better at something else and it keeps going back and forth and back and forth so you never know which 'something' you're actually good at for real
7. I procrastinate. A LOT. At the same time I'm also a desperately overachieving perfectionist. How can the two be a combo? Well let me tell you: they can't. 
8. I have no idea what I want to do in life - that's a problem, right? 
9. Too much homework from too many difficult subjects - I know it's partially my fault for taking difficult subjects (such as two AP classes and Honors or advanced everything else) but it's also the Collegeboard's fault for asking for students to take hard classes and overwhelm themselves just so those people can sit at desks staring at our resumes and pretend to be interested or impressed, or on the rare 1% chance that they're actually going to be impressed. 
10. It's junior year. Need I say more?    


  1. Wow - this makes my school life seem like a walk in the park :)

  2. Don't worry. Just wait a few more years. You'll get your share of high school trauma soon enough.


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