Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writing is a disease

Seriously. If it weren't for the fact that it's good to let your creative juices flow sometimes, I probably would never ever write another story again - or attempt to finish another novel (and I have never finished a novel, just to let you know - but who's asking?). 

Writing is more of a mental disease than a profession or a hobby - I think every author will tell you that. It's a frustratingly addictive force for us writers who get the jitters when we don't write for more than six hours. That's bad - trust me, I know. When I moved to a new house (right across the block from our old house) I couldn't keep still because my dad hadn't set up the computer yet and all my writing stuff that I wanted to continue was on that thing (I know, bad idea. Always keep a hard copy. Lesson learned) and I literally COULD NOT KEEP STILL because I was THAT impatient to continue writing. And then a week or so later when my dad FINALLY set the whole thing up, I sat down at my desk to write . . . and absolutely nothing came to mind. NOTHING. How frustrating is that, you wonder? Let me tell you, EXTREMELY frustrating. 

Writing is hard. It is, I swear! You have this tremendously awesome idea in your head and maybe even the whole darn storyline plotted out into perfectly miniature movie scenes (like I do) but when you go to write it out on paper, or type it on a computer, you end up staring at that stupid blank thing for who knows how long. Argh!! 

The only trouble I don't have with writing is writing these blog posts, mostly because I'm letting out my feelings of frustration here. Actually, I started this post last night but never got to finish because it was getting late and I had to sleep, but afterwards, I got this brilliant idea for this novel I've been trying to finish for the past two years and for the two other novels that go along with it, and I was like, "Hey! A spark!" And then I went to write it down on paper, and . . . (drum roll please) . . . SOMETHING ACTUALLY CAME OUT. I was SOOOOOOO happy! 

But yeah, those are the rare times. I have school tomorrow (finally) after a week's worth of pushed-back midterm days and two snow days in a row . . . so I won't get to write like I am now, which is a huge bummer. But oh well. At least I got the idea written down last night, right? That's what counts. So there we go. 

The point of this story? Writing is a disease, and if you are a writer, then be prepared for the rest of your life to fight this thing with all your might until you defeat it and come out victorious - by which I mean, at least one writing piece finished.  


  1. Lol so true...

    I've finished two writing pieces already, yet I don't feel victorious. Hmm..

  2. You're better than me. I finished NONE.

  3. So? You won the Gold Key, not me, right? :D

  4. Yeah, but that truly came as a surprise. I swear I wasn't expecting it because I personally think that short story wasn't one of my best.


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