Sunday, October 23, 2011

My baby sister

This is the only picture I'm going to post, because it's already my profile picture for my Google account so anyone can see it anyhow. 

So . . . (drum roll please) . . . here she is! 

This is when she was just born, my dad took a picture of her with his iPhone while she and my mom were still in the O.R. (she was a C-section) and the nurses had just swaddled her up in a hat and blankets. 

Ain't she just PRECIOUS? 

She and my mom were in the hospital for four days before they came home, and up until the fourth day, my parents just couldn't decide on a name for her, so we just called her Buchi (courtesy of my 8 year-old brother) which in our native tongue Bengali means flat. In Bengali, we don't use subjects very much, so the flat refers to her nose (which is assumed) so basically, we called her "flat-nosed" until we found a proper name for her. Ha. Ha. 

But don't worry, I named her something better than Buchi (notice that I wrote I - because really I did get to name her in the end, which was totally awesome, by the way. Makes you feel real special). Anyway, so I decided upon the Arabic name (because Muslims usually  give their kids Arabic names) Safiya; pronounced Sah-fee-yah, and it means sincere friend, which is a really nice meaning. 

And as of today, she is 48 days old. 

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