Friday, September 23, 2011

Lost a follower

Why would anyone do that? It's just cruel. I just don't get it. People usually decide to follow blogs after they decide they like one, not before. I'm not sure whether or not this follower - excuse me, I meant ex-follower - of mine accidentally pressed the "follow" button on my blog,  but even so, there's another window that opens up after that says something like, "[Insert your name here] is now following so-and-so's blog." 

So a person would have to be extremely stupid to "accidentally" follow someone else's blog. 

And if it was done as a practical joke, well, then it's cruel and unfunny practical joke. And I like to laugh, I'm a funny person (except on print) so I like practical jokes, but not if they're mean. 

And since I know that this follower (I'm nice enough to not mention his/her name here) has a blog (two, actually) and has not gone anonymous, it's not like he/she can offer that up as an excuse as to why he/she is not showing up on my meager list of followers anymore. 

Okay. I had a rough couple of days, and now I'm done venting. Goodbye. 

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