Friday, September 9, 2011

I HAVE A NEW BABY SISTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babies are awesome. Even if all they do all day is sleep, cry, poop and make gurgly noises, they are the miracles of life, truly. I'd love to show y'all a picture, but since, unfortunately, most of you are complete strangers to me (although I'm sure you're lovely people in real life) so I can't do that. 

Just picture a tiny, five-pound-fifteen-ounce tiny little girl with slightly chubby cheeks (you know, the ones that make you sooooooo irrevocably tempted to just give 'em a squeeze? Yeah, I mean those kinds of cheeks) and a slightly squashed nose that looks even more squished when she sleeps with her face to the side. Ain't that just adorable?? 

Bottom line: I love babies.  

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