Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Song lyrics

This is one of my favorite songs. This song reminds me of the supposed romance between Queen Katherine of England and her first husband, King Arthur, Henry VIII's older brother. I'm not sure whether or not it was real, but it's very emotional when you read it in the book titled The Constant Princess written by Phillipa Gregory, who USA Today calls the "queen of royal fiction" and she is, if you've read The Other Boleyn Girl, which she also wrote. Ever heard of the movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman? Yeah, well. That's the series that it's part of. 

Anyway, these are the lyrics. I always used to play it whenever I was reading that book - for the beginning part, it definitely goes. It's called, "My heart belongs to you" and I"m listening to it right now. 

Through the window of my soul 
all the secrets that I hold
will be yours to share for always, always 

Like a whisper in the wind 
a gentle breeze touches my skin 
and I know you're with me always, always 

I can feel it in the air 
the fire that we share 
can only come from deep within 
It's a light that burns so bright 
it guides you through the night 

And leads you to me 
So find your back and 

Hold me, touch me
let the love come rushing through me
I'm yours with every breath I take 

Forever and ever 
Hold on to love 
'cause deep down that's what we're made of 
Never let go for my heart's sake 
'cause my heart belongs to you  

I lie awake to hear you breath 
Only you can fill the need 
that builds and burns so deep inside me, inside me 

As the moon lights up the sky,
there's a thousand reasons why 
my heart will only beat for you 

You're the reason that I live 
so know all I've got to give 
I give it to you
Just don't fight the feeling 

Repeats chorus 

Don't give up, but just give in 
I will be always be there with you 
Waiting for you 
Love will see us through 

Repeats chorus 

My heart belongs to you 
My heart belongs to you 
My heart belongs to you 
To you  . . . 

*Sniffle, sniffle* Ain't it just beautiful? 

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