Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recipe for a perfect disaster: Prom, a rose and a head-over-heels gorgeous boy (with moi)

Hi peeps! I'd love to stay and chat with y'all but I can't because I'm running short on time for HW. As usual, always the procrastinator. So.......

Did you guys love my title? Of course you did. I had three reasons for coming up with such a title. 1) It's absolutely bloody brilliant. 2) It's something that really happened to me, and finally 3) It's mysterious-sounding (kinda) and the very least it'll keep you guys wondering what the heck I'm talking about, if nothing else. 


Let me answer that: Right.  

So, I'll just leave you guys waiting in suspense until I have the time to post this entire thing and/or when I'm not feeling lazy typing out all these words. Until then, ciao! 


  1. Mwahah! I am victorious! I already know what you're talking about! Mwaha!

    -Your faaaaaavorite cuz

  2. Awesome, are you using that as your pitch? :)

  3. Anonymous: Not this one, you don't. I only told you the CLEAN version, not the down-and-dirty one. I purposely left that part out for a later, better time, which is now.

    Ezmirelda: What do you mean by my "pitch"?

  4. Anonymous: And who said you were my "faaaaaavorite" cousin, hmm? Just because I see you the most doesn't mean you're my "faaaaaavorite" you know. By the way, to write "favorite" like you did I actually had to count out all the a's while I was typing it out. Not fun.

    But yeah. I have tons of other cousins back home. And am I YOUR favorite cuz? Because if I am, then I'll consider you favorite, as well.


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