Monday, May 9, 2011


My gosh, after taking an AP Exam and the SATs for the second time, school is now completely worthless. Our teachers seem to be giving us work just for the heck of it so that they have some grades to put in for the fourth (and last!) quarter before summer starts. OMIGOD i can't believe summer vacay's almost here and that I'm gonna be a senior next year!! 

Eep! Soooooo excited. 

I would stay and chat a little more with you nice people, but I gotta a test to study for tomorrow (just a class test but a test nevertheless) and homework to finish) so I'll come back and write my awesome prom story. I got asked to prom by this  insanely adorable guy - like Chace Crawford adorable - who also happens to be one of my best guy friends (I know, convenient, isn't it? Wink, wink) and the whole story of how I turned him down and it ended up becoming this entire fiasco until the moment he finally apologized. So yeah. I'll keep you guys in suspense for now. 


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