Sunday, July 31, 2011

New address, fellow peeps, NEW ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look up at the website address bar. Go ahead, look and see. It's different, I promise. I have changed from (because really, who wants to read something with that sort of title, right?) to ('cause that is much, much better :D ). 

Okay, peeps? So don't get lost on your way here, or else I'll send the big bad wolf after you.  . . . After I find someone to play big bad wolf, that is. Hmm, that'll be a problem. How about you, That Blond Guy


  1. HA! You admit that "Misticalnia" is a stupid name. Hehe. Can't wait to tell my brother, who will laugh at you.


  2. No, I didn't say that misticalnia was a stupid name, I just said that it's a stupid BLOG TITLE. But it's still my name on blogger.


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