Friday, March 25, 2011

I am such a klutz . . . and this week sucks

All right, I'm gonna make one thing clear here: I originally meant to write this post for Thursday, March 24th but then I ended up not being able to finish and saving it for Friday. And so when I went back to edit and post it, Blogger changed the date from Thurs. to Fri. just to make everything weird for me. So, when I say "today" in this post, I actually mean Thursday. Point established. 

Yup. I said it all. 

This week has been the WORST week in the history of worst weeks. Even today, when we had a two-hour delay because of the snow and so had thirty minute long classes, was bad. First of all, every frigging day this week I've had to stay up late (like 12:30 to 1) and then afterwards get up at 6 AM (because my stupid bus comes at 6:50). And today we had the delay  and so when my dad came in my room in the morning to tell me I was like, "Yes!" and went back to sleep. 

Here's what I THOUGHT would happen after I got the two extra hours of sleep: 

I sleep peacefully until 8 AM. 
I wake up feeling refreshed. 
I go down, eat breakfast and get energized. 
I get ready, all the while thinking what a great day at school it's going to be with only thirty minute classes. 
I go to school. 
I come back home feeling like the day was so short I could hardly believe it, and I sit down, do my homework, study for my tests and essay, go to sleep early thinking, "Tomorrow's Friday! And then it's the weekend!" 

Here's what ACTUALLY happened: 

I sleep peacefully until 8 AM (this was the only part of my plan that went well) 
I wake up around 8:15 feeling pretty groggy, but hope it's because I just woke up and the feeling will go away. 
I brush my teeth, eat breakfast and dress, still in my groggy, half-awake state. 
I walk in the biting cold and snow  to my bus stop, and almost trip on the way down the hill  because I'm STILL groggy. 
First period math. Pre-calc. Not fun, but tolerable. But today, it has become intolerable. I love the teacher, though, so I try to pay attention, but each time I pick up my pen to write down notes in my binder, my eyes start to close. So I give up altogether after ten minutes and just listen to the lesson instead of writing it down. 
Second period. English. I love the subject and the teacher, but she's not here today due to a meeting and even with shortened periods is still making us start writing that essay we were supposed to start today and finish tomorrow. I read the given quote, scribble a quick outline, and fall asleep. 
Third period AP Spanish I. Reading Comprehension questions. Ugh. Need I say more? 
Fourth period, Psychology. Yes! The only fun class of the day so far. We're watching A Beautiful Mind. Great movie, by the way. Y'all should watch it. The main character is played by Russel Crow. 
Fifth period, APUSH. Otherwise knows as AP US HIstory. We watched a video on the Roaring Twenties. 
Sixth period. Ugh, Gym. Our co-ed class is having volleyball championships right now, and today our team only had three people (including me) on it. So our teacher helped us out by being a fourth player. We played. I don't know if we won or lost the two games we had time to play - didn't really pay attention. 
Seventh period, Honors Chem. Not bad. Not good, either. Today is just an off day, 'cuz usually I like learning about the attraction between various sorts of electrons. But tomorrow we have a test. Although I found I have a natural aptitude for chemistry as compared to bio last year. God that was hard. 
Eighth period. Ugh, even my free period is stretching longer. The day just WON'T END!! I just want it to be over so I can go home, chill while watching some reruns of Gossip Girl (love that show, by the way) and then start my homework and study for my two tests, and one in-class essay that I have tomorrow. Totally yuck. 

2pm: I come home, chill like I planned and watch Gossip Girl. It's still only 2pm on a Thursday afternoon, but I'm so dead tired I feel like it's a Friday - I wish it's a Friday!!!! I don't feel like doing my homework or studying AT ALL. Like, niete (Russian for nothing). But eventually, I sit down and start my homeowork, though by the time i start it's like 5-something - what did I do for the past three hours?? OMIGOD I don't remember!!!!!!!

Ugh. I'm feel like such a scatterbrain right now. 

Oh and PS. On Sunday, I went up to our attic (it's a huge old place, and really surprisingly airy) to explore with my dad, and discovered THE HARD WAY that we have a false ceiling. See, there are wooden beams spread out across the floor of the attic, but where there are no beams, there's only big, soft bunches of pink cotton (or whatever the H-E-double-hockey-sticks that is) and bags full of that stuff. So I step out from the ladder and put one leg on one of the beams while my other leg on the top rung of the ladder and I discover that the beam is unsteady and if I don't do something fast I will topple head-over-heels down the ladder and be raspberry jam all over the carpet. Not a nice image. So I instinctively put my  left leg (the one on the top rung) on . . . one of the soft parts, without a wooden beam to support it. And, as expected, my leg went right through the "floor" of the attic and made a gaping hole in our ceiling. So that's how I discovered that we have a false ceiling, and the stuff up there in the attic is the only stuff keeping the whole roof from collapsing on us, while it breaks under the weight of one leg from a seventeen-year-old girl. Wonderful. 
Really, that's nice to know. 

So now I still have a gash in this really awkward part of my upper thighs, which right as it's  drying itches like hell. Yeah. Story of my life. :D 

This was officially the worst week of my junior year of high school. Ever.   


  1. I love the comparison you did about what you thought your day was going to turn out and how it really did. That stinks though that your day stunk!!

  2. Yes. Thank you for feeling my pain, Jen. I appreciate your sympathy. And Eeshie, thank you for the expected comment about a mistake on my blog, as always. (tips imaginary hat).

  3. Ohhhh I thought you didn't realize it. I was thinking, "Wow, I'm totally going to make her day by letting her know it's Friday!"

    Guess not. :P


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